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Attorney Bridgette L. Williams is an Experienced
Dallas County DWI Lawyer 

If you have been arrested or charged with a DWI charge in Collin County or any county in the State of Texas, you really need to speak with an experienced DWI lawyer right away. 

You only have 15 days from the date of arrest for your attorney to have an Administrative Law Hearing "ALR Hearing" to not only schedule the hearing to get your license back, but also to use this time to speak with the officer at the hearing. If you or your lawyer do not request this hearing within 15 days, you lose the right to request it. 

Attorney Bridgette Williams makes it her top priority to learn and gain as much knowledge regarding DWI defense in Texas. Working to put that knowledge and experience to work for you is what sets BLWLEGAL GROUP apart. 


1. Driving while intoxicated

2. Driving while intoxicated - Above .15

3. Driving while intoxicated by a minor - DUI

4. Driving while intoxicated with a minor in the car

5. Intoxicated Assault 

6. Intoxicated manslaughter 

and others

Attorney DWI Experience 

Unique Understanding From a Former Prosecutor 

     Attorney Bridgette Williams was a prosecutor who handled numerous criminal cases to trial. Several of those cases were DWI cases. She is aware of the tactics the state can use in your prosecution and she can use theses skills to help best defend your DWI charge.

Aggressive Trial Attorney 

     Attorney Bridgette Williams is not afraid to do what is best for her client. This includes taking the client's case to trial. Sometimes, a trial is the only option for the client to possibly get the result he or she may be seeking. Attorney Bridgette Williams is an experienced and knowledgeable Dallas DWI attorney and DWI attorney throughout Texas.​

TCDLA DWI Warrier 

     The Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association only awards this award to certain attorneys who have have completed so many hours of training in DWI Continuing Legal Education. 

Certified Standardized Field Sobriety Test

     This is the same training that officers receive to administer the field sobriety test on the road. These test normally include HGN (Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus), Walk and Turn, and One Leg Stand. Be sure to hire a DWI Attorney who is trained in Field Sobierty Testing to have the best defense possible on your team.

The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 under 40

​     Only 40 attorneys are chosen each year for this prestigious award. Attorney Bridgette Williams was chosen for this trial attorney award because of her trial experience in criminal defense. 

Axion Analytical Laboratories, Inc. - 

Forensic Gas Chromatography Certificate

     This certificate is only given after a person completes an extensive course in gas chromatography. This method is used to test alcohol in blood samples given generally when a person is arrested for DWI. Attorney Williams has taken the required course and is just as informed as the person testing your blood sample. This knowledge is extremely important as it allows her to point out errors that may have been made before, during or after testing and  adequately use this knowledge to best defend every client's case. 

Numerous Courses in DWI and Criminal Defense Representation

    Attorney Bridgette Williams has taken more than the required number of courses necessary by the State Bar of Texas. She continues to take courses above and beyond the required amount to stay current on laws that may affect client's cases and to use knowledge learned give every client the representation he or she deserves. 

Results and Testimonials  

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November, 2021, Minor DUI - Dallas County 

Minor charged with Class B DUI after being pulled over. After a successful Motion to suppress by Attorney Williams showing the minor was illegally pulled over, the case was dismissed. 

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