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Traffic ticket defense: Starting at $75 per ticket

CDL Defense: Starting $125 per ticket

BLWLEGAL GROUP is your premiere resource and first choice for Warrant Removal and for help you need to actively work to get your traffic ticket DISMISSED.


CITIES SERVED (Included but not limited to)

Arlington Traffic Ticket Attorney 

Dallas Traffic Ticket Attorney

Mansfield Traffic Ticket Attorney 

Garland Traffic Ticket Attorney 

Irving Traffic Ticket Attorney 

Euless Traffic Ticket Attorney 

Bedford Traffic Ticket Attorney 

Mesquite Traffic Ticket Attorney 

Fort Worth Traffic Ticket Attorney 

Cedar Hill Traffic Ticket Attorney 

Desoto Traffic Ticket Attorney 

Duncanville Traffic Ticket Attorney 

Farmers Branch Traffic Ticket Attorney 

Richardson Traffic Ticket Attorney 

University Park Traffic Ticket Attorney 

...And many more across the state of Texas.


Call 469-340-1800 immediately to get your traffic ticket warrant removed and to get the best traffic ticket defense. 


save money


At BLWLEGAL Group, we can bond you or your loved one out of jail if being held on a traffic ticket warrant or a class C warrant. 

Generally, a bailbond company will hire an attorney to bail a person out on a traffic ticket. These attorneys may or may not represent you in court. 

At BLWLEGAL GROUP, the fee paid covers jail release for traffic ticket warrants, warrant removal for traffic tickets and court representation

No office visit is required to get started. 

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Free consultation

After you sign up for TRAFFIC TICKET DEFENSE and/or WARRANT REMOVAL with BLWLEGAL GROUP, we get straight to work. 

Warrants are removed quickly and the tickets are set for a court date. Generally, you do not have to go to court unless the attorney tells you.

At the court setting, BLWLEGAL GROUP first looks for every way to get your traffic ticket dismissed.


However, if that does not happen, we work to reduce your fine and work to make sure the ticket does not go on your driving record. 

Why was an arrest warrant issued?

When a person gets a ticket in the state of Texas, the person signs the ticket as a promise to appear in court on or before the appearance date. The signature is not a plea of guilty. If the person does not appear in court on or before the court date, an arrest warrant can be issued for the person's arrest. 

In addition to an arrest warrant being issued, the state of Texas can suspend the person's driver's license with various holds and can also place a hold on the person's vehicle registration through a program called the Scofflaw Program. 

If this has happened to you or someone you know, BLWLEGAL GROUP has helped several clients remove Traffic Ticket warrants and get their license back! You can get started right now! 

Call 469-340-1800 immediately to get your traffic ticket warrant removed and to get the best traffic ticket defense. 

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